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A unique research mentorship providing scientific recognition

Experts mentor students towards scientific discovery and publication in academic journals

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The Student Research Accelerator (SRA) is a 8-12 month online research mentorship program that connects ambitious students with expert mentors to conduct research and publish a university-level research project or paper in all subject areas. 


SRA's Program provides a rare opportunity for students that are interested in a certain subject area, such as physics or medical science, to gain published expertise, as well as potentially obtain both letters of recommendation from experts, and admissions and scholarships at the top universities in the world. 

The Program is not intended for students that simply wish to obtain a publication credential as a means to enter into Ivy League schools. The Program admits students that are driven by curiosity, discovery, passion and commitment, and want to flourish with a dedicated research mentor in producing high-quality work. Journals consider high-quality as it deserves to be published in order to attract further scholarly discussion, debate and research.

Accelerating High School and Undergraduate Student Research

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"The program connected me with UN officials and top military scholars, then coached my research paper that was accepted in an international affairs publication. The experience jump started my career, landing me a job with the US Department of State just after my third year in university. The skills I learned in this program have served me well throughout my professional and academic life."

Eric G. M.
Toronto, Canada

Looking Through Telescope

Unlock your inner research talent with us

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